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Sleeper Earrings for $5.99

Sleeper earrings exist, but I didn’t know that until like, five minutes ago.

I love wearing earrings, typically princess cut studs. But invariably, I forget to take them out. Then I get to bed, feel them poking behind my ear, and put them on the nightstand.

From there, they end up as vacuum food. So I googled “earrings you can sleep in,” and saw the suggested “sleeper earrings.”

Stud style sleeper earrings were over $30 a pair, and the selection was limited. I headed over to Amazon, and found several:

Most of Amazon’s inexpensive sleeper earrings were plain and came in a multipack, and had that sort of “first piercing” look. Or they were very “I belong at the top of your ear.”

The ones I got were $5.99, with a small delicate row of cubic zirconia accents on the visible side:

sleeper earrings 2021

All review images showed ears with several piercings, and I only have one. I wasn’t sure they’d look right. Also, I was certain I’d tried and failed to wear earrings of that thickness in the past, and that they’d likely be too thick for my ears. The latch looked likely to pinch my earlobe.

All in all, I had very low expectations. And kind of suspected they were for four-year-olds.

When they arrived, I was surprised to find that they slid into my ears with no effort or uncomfortable digging. (You know what I mean, finding the back of the hole.) The latch did not pinch my earlobe, and stays latched. They’re perfectly dainty.

But the big thing is that something I wanted but didn’t realize happened. I forget I have them on unless I look in the mirror! I can’t feel them when I sleep or meditate, and I achieved my goal of finding affordable earrings I can leave in and forget. (Also I’m not stepping on earrings by my bed now.)

Sleeper earrings are new to me, but they solved all of my earring issues. At the $5.99 price point, I’d expect two to three months max of wear, but they’re super inexpensive and I’ll stock up. I love them.

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