strongest scent laundry detergent 2021

Strongest Scented Laundry Detergent 2021

So, I think I found the strongest scented laundry detergent!

Well, backing up, my friend found the strongest scented laundry detergent. Recently I bought Persil pods for scent, and they were … eh.

Why Are All the Store Brands So Not Fragrant?

Sometimes laundry had a strong clean scent, but half the time it had an unpleasant lack of scent. Like residual dirty.

My last venture outside “national brands” was Frey, and that was kind of an all-around terrible experience. The idea is good, but it’s impossible to cancel and the free trial converts to a sub quickly. It’s expensive and fleeting in scent, too.

Also, I wanted to keep using powdered Tide for power, but it had like zero scent in the washer. It smells great for mopping (after vacuuming), but I barely notice it in laundry and I am scent sensitive (in that I can usually pick up scents super easily).

Scent is important to me, and one of my kids really likes scented clean clothes. So I considered making my own laundry detergent, based on blog posts I read raving about the scent.

Finding the Strongest Scented Laundry Detergent

In turn, I went into two cleaning groups asking about whether people made their own detergent, and looking for something that had a strong scent. One person relayed that a friend was injured (burned) trying to make DIY laundry detergent, and then other people chimed in saying it didn’t get clothes clean or damaged equipment.

Long story short, my friend who knows a lot about cleaning was in those groups, and she pointed me toward a product. And I found it on Amazon:

Although the one she linked was larger and a bit pricier, I found a smaller one for a little under $25 – Tyler Glamorous Wash Diva. She said to use no more than the recommended amount, which I tried to do.

The bottle says to use a third of a cup, so I thought that was about the amount in the detergent dispenser. And it was fantastic but so intensely strong – the entire first floor was Glamorous Wash scented. (It was too strong for my daughter, but my son took the blanket from that first time upstairs because it was so scented and nice.)

How I Use It

It actually seems like I can use Tide for its enzymatic properties (alongside Glamorous Wash), and a little bit of this stuff really does go an amazingly long way. Detergent is something I revisit from time to time, but this product really feels like the answer.

I can definitely see buying it in bulk because it’s amazing, but I also feel like this tiny $25 bottle will go super far because it’s strong AND it has throw. Towels come out so, so fragranced and bright and clean clean.

I feel like I’ve written about laundry scents before, but as of right now, Tyler Glamorous Wash Diva is the strongest scented laundry detergent I’ve ever found and in the best way. I am SO excited my friend introduced it to me, and I plan to keep using it — unless anyone wants to comment and knows of another one that’s as at least as good.

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