DIY French Manicure Hack (Under $5!)

It’s Friday night, and I just did my favorite DIY french manicure at home. (I’m not gonna capitalize “french” in “french manicure.” I’m off the clock over here.)

DIY french manicures typically involve a level of nail art skill. And I’m talking about press on nails here — which have gotten amazing and can last one to two weeks when done properly. Which is easy even if you’re impatient.

Because I type all day, I don’t like even “short” length nails. They vibrate on the keys and makes me cranky. A few years back I ordered custom press on nails from NailBae, and I realized press-ons weren’t all too different from other overlays.

French manicures are also sometimes unpredictable in salons. On top of that, they don’t always look great on shorter nails when done by hand. Fifty/fifty, I get a shaky, thin white line.

I can’t remember when I discovered Kiss “Real Short” french manicure press on nails, but they’re my go-to. Even with proper preparation, this takes me less than 20 minutes.

These are my favorite DIY french manicure nails, “53236”/”EF01″:

The process, with comprehensive prep. Each set comes with a file and an orange stick. It looks long written out, but each step is short and simple:

  • Start with clean, dry nails;
  • Lightly buff “to remove shine,” and dust if desired;
  • Use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to absorb surface oil;
  • Choose sizes;
  • Dot or brush glue on nail and or surface;
  • Evenly and firmly press nail for about 30 seconds;
  • Allow to cure for an hour;
  • Gently file tab edges.

This DIY french manicure hack sounds like a lot, but it isn’t. On top of the ease of use and affordable price, it’s SO COOL to have a fast nail option for last minute events.

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