[Found] A Large Room Air Conditioner, Which Is Also Cute

Until recently, I didn’t think large room air conditioners really existed.

Also (if you don’t have central air), doesn’t it feel and look like every window unit is 500 years old, yellow, and you can’t remember buying it? When it started to heat up around the end of May, I noticed there were not as many air conditioners as there were last year.

And it felt like too late in the year to be picky about air conditioners, but at the same time I also didn’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on something that is actively an eyesore.

Anyway, I found Windmill and July, which are two popular-on-Instagram aesthetic AC units — but one was sold out, one was slow to ship, and both were priced higher and had lower BTUs.

Somehow in my search for large room air conditioners, I came across Freo. Their AC units are a bit more streamlined (no grill, a honeycomb patterned vent), shipped super fast, and were available everywhere.

The difficulty was that this unit was for the living room, and my living room is a bit large and open, and I was skeptical something could cool at least most of it. So I bought the “Sleek Design WIndow Air Conditioner, available in 6,000, 8,000, and 10,000 BTUs.

I went with the 10,000 since the price steps were fairly close, and it’s sooo cold — chills the room instantly and it feels like a 1980s movie theater. It has a remote control, and somehow feels like central air. (The only real issue so far is that it can be unbearably cold and hard to strike a balance.)

If anyone knows of a small window AC, please comment and let me know!

Edit, July 9th 2021: Recent extensive rainfall in the Northeast has led to a few instances where the unit needs to be tilted to drain, but that seems like an easy to resolve issue.

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