haden heritage blender review

Haden Heritage Blender Review

If you’re into cute, colorful appliances, the Haden Heritage blender may have tripped your radar in 2022.

In a sea of overpriced Smegs, the Haden Heritage blender often comes up in searches. However, there are hardly ever reviews, it’s often out of stock, and it seems to be a less-common brand in the US.

I can’t remember when I noticed Haden Heritage’s small appliances, but I was immediately piqued. They’re undeniably similar in appearance to their shinier Italian counterparts — and Smeg has mixed reviews at best for similar items.

In 2018 or 2019, I picked up an Instant Pot blender on deep discount. It heats and makes non-dairy milks, neither of which were functions I wanted. And as is often the case with do-it-all appliances, the Instant Pot blender was flaky about the primary task of blending things. It was heavy, finicky, and not cute on the counter.

In 2022, my Instant Pot blender started throwing error messages, and I had an excuse to pick a cuter blender. I’d just purchased a Cuisinart Elemental 13 cup food processor, so I just needed a standard blender. I wanted one in a pastel that matched colors in my kitchen, which narrowed the field considerably.

Normally I order from Amazon for ease of shipping, but it comes in and out of stock. I needed to use my Overstock card to keep it open, so I bought it there (and worried about returns if it wasn’t good).

It didn’t take long to get here, and I make at least one green smoothie a day. It went into rotation immediately.

Unlike my feature-heavy Instant Pot Ace, the Haden Heritage blender was unusually straightforward. It has a dial instead of buttons, and no error messages.

Pre-use assembly was also different from the IP blender, it was more basic. The glass pitcher easily fit onto the base, and the base (which is light) has suction cups to keep it in place while operating.

The blender dial has an off setting, and five increasing levels of intensity. So far I’ve only used it for smoothies, and every setting liquefies greens in ten seconds. The frozen fruit also blends into smoothie consistency rapidly and without difficulty. In all, I like it far more than I liked the pricier and more versatile one I was using previously.

Now that I’ve already obtained one, the Haden Heritage blender is in stock at Amazon for $69.99 (nice). I paid $83, but I’m not complaining, and I’ll update if it stops working or something.

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