DotMod Tiffany Blue DotStick!

Vaping hardware manufacturer released a limited edition DotMod Tiffany blue dotStick, news which eluded me until a few days ago.

DotMod is a company which sounds familiar, and their products look very nicely finished and designed. Tiffany blue is my favorite color, and it’s also fairly in demand for vape gear like mods and drip tips.

I’m not sure exactly how I came across it, but it was one of those things. Like you’re instantly four again, and looking at a Cabbage Patch Kid.

I had to have it. Unfortunately, the live listing I located was for a Canadian retailer. A quick search for the DotMod dotStick in Tiffany blue led to several indie vape shop listings — all sold out.

The DotMod dotStick was part of a Tiffany blue collection. Every piece was gorgeous. In the collection in addition to the Tiffany blue dotStick was an all-in-one box mod (DotMod dotAIO mini), and a full-size box mod, a dotAIO Tiffany blue frost box mod in a more full-size style:

dotmod dotstick tiffany blue

Based on the sold out everywhere status, I anticipated a long time checking secondhand sources and hoped I could purchase DotMod’s Tiffany blue stick that way. But as luck would have it, a shot in the dark inquiry turned up a single in-stock DotMod dotStick in Tiffany Blue.

I ordered it so fast. It’s not here yet, because I just placed the order 15 minutes ago. A concern I had was finding compatible coils, which also made me curious about the dotAIO mini.

However, one sold-out listing explained of the dotStick:

Compatible with either 18350 or 18650 batteries with the use of an extension tube included with the device. 18350 is ideal when users are looking for an ultra compact sized device with low power output requirements. 18650 is ideal when more power and battery capacity are required, and a 3cm longer size is acceptable.

Vape MTL (mouth-to-lung) with the 1.0 Ohm dotStick coil, or DTL (direct-to-lung) with the 0.4 Ohm dotStick coil!

Also cross compatible with the Nord Coils by Smok, if you’re ever in a pinch for dotStick coils but can easily find the Smok Nord coils.

On, the manufacturer describes the dotAIO as compatible with larger brand’s coils; based on that I’d definitely consider picking it up:

Compatible with all dotAIO coils, dotAIO RBA’s and dotAIO tank. Are you a fan of Aspire Nautilus coils? You can use them too with the adapter we included. Prefer a mouth-to-lung experience? Pop on a MTL drip tip or any other 510 tip – it’s compatible!

When my DotMod dotStick Tiffany blue edition arrives, I’ll update. I can’t wait!

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