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Monika Blunder Blunder Cover Foundation is Hands Down the Best Ever [July 2023 Review]

“Monika Blunder Blunder Cover Foundation” is a lot of words, and I couldn’t find any substantive written reviews when I first looked into it:

Monika Blunder’s Blunder Cover is an interesting, unique niche product, one I came across when I started to see “balm foundations” everywhere. In early 2023, I was without a go-to foundation, having lost touch with makeup trends between March 2020 and then.

Initially I got drawn in by William Tuttle foundation, which is equally low profile and barely reviewed or mentioned outside of videos. Then I watched every Monika Blunder Blunder Cover video on YouTube (there weren’t many).

Because I was so fixated on this product, I found it at the mall and did “buy online, pick up in store.” The first thing I noticed was the glass packaging — and what appeared to be a scant amount of product.

Normally I wear NC10 to NC15 in MAC, and went with 1.5 in Blunder Cover. Aside: I was licensed as an aesthetician and went to school for it, and worked as a makeup artist for a while for MAC, Urban Decay, and Hard Candy (a long time ago).

Before using Blunder Cover the first time, I applied a “pore vanishing” primer, and I don’t think slip primers work well with this product (they’re also redundant). In fact, I was certain Blunder Cover was not for me for a week, but kept returning to it anyway.

The second week, Blunder Cover graduated to Holy Grail status. In my opinion, Blunder Cover is something of like “makeup artist’s makeup” not because Monika Blunder is a makeup artist (she is), but because it does things we wouldn’t even think to ask of other foundations, like:

It Feels Like Your Skin, and It Doesn’t Break on the Hottest Days!

In general, I’m accustomed to not touching my foundation. But I noticed right away that Monika Blunder Blunder Cover actually feels like skin, not powder.

This is one of the many things I didn’t know was useful until I noticed it, and now I don’t like the feeling of other foundations. Blunder Cover might make your other foundations less appealing. (Twice since I’ve used others, and both times regretted it.)

July 2023 has been hot in the Northeast: I was surprised at how even intense heat and humidity did nothing to it. If anything, Blunder Cover looks more natural and dewy if it’s too hot. It’s like magic, and eliminates the need for a primer.

Monika Blunder Made ‘Adjustable Coverage’ a Good Thing

Time and again, “adjustable coverage” products have disappointed me, and I thought of it as “products you need to apply three times and they’re patchy.”

Blunder Cover is adjustable, which is far from a deficiency in its case. You can seamlessly blend it over pigmentation, and it just melts into cohesion beautifully.


Applying Blunder Cover has a bit of a learning curve, but that’s actually a good thing, too. It’s more like you have to “get to know” this foundation, and it warms up to you. It’s shy.

It reminds me a little of blending pigment by hand, in that it warms up and blends out by design. Monika Blunder has a Blunder Cover brush — but I tend to apply it with my fingers to keep it easy to blend; on occasion I’ll tap a dry MissA beauty blender on my t-zone to blend. (MissA is the only brand of makeup sponge I like. I’m more of a brush person — particularly this under $5 set).

Applying Blunder Cover seems to take slightly more time than other foundations, but again because of the product’s many good traits. The extra time for me is just levels of coverage, like detail painting.

Monika Blunder Blunder Cover Price Point

Before coupons or cash back, Blunder Cover is priced at around $52.

I purchased it around March or April, so I’ve been using it for 3-4 months as of July 2023. About a third of it is left, so it truly “goes a long way.” (People on TikTok and YouTube always say that, but it isn’t always this true.)

It’s hard to say for sure, but I was vacillating between foundations before Blunder Cover, probably spending more than I would on “drugstore” foundations.

Is Monika Blunder Blunder Cover Actually Full Coverage?

This was my biggest question before switching to Blunder Cover, because I am a full coverage person with a tendency to flush easily.

Watching videos, I heard a lot of people say “dewy” and “light,” and it made me hesitate. But in my experience, Blunder Cover is truly adjustable — and more full coverage than Panstik, if you want it to be. It hasn’t caked or broken under any circumstances, and I wear it for intense physical activity a few times a week.


Monika Blunder Blunder Cover has very few cons in my personal experience (YMMV), such as:

  • It can be hard to find, but is available on Amazon and at a few department stores in the United States;
  • It can be expensive if you’re on the fence (but should be returnable), and it’s not necessarily easy to test first;
  • It’s an independent product, and there’s a chance it will get discontinued or sold off to another brand;
    • If that happens, I legit cannot wear any other foundation, and I’m a full coverage foundation person.

Monika Blunder Blunder Cover Review Summary

Monika Blunder Blunder Cover is (without a doubt) my favorite foundation of all time. It’s rendered all my other foundations unusable, and I get compliments on it all the time. It can be used as a sheer wash like tinted foundation, but easily can be applied for a full coverage look. It lasts forever, the packaging is nice, and it feels better than bare skin when you touch it. My only concern is that it might get discontinued before people realize it’s fantastic.

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