ugg classic weather hiker break in review 2022

Ugg Classic Weather Hiker

Before I spotted the UGG Classic Weather Hiker, I’d been considering buying a new pair of UGGs.

In 2021 and 2022, UGGs were the subject of a lot of buzz about a comeback. The UGG Classic Weather Hiker isn’t a typical UGG style, and I have yet to locate my black “Cardi” UGGs from summer storage.

As it got colder, I desperately wanted boots for running around. And when I went to my hairdresser, I noticed thatĀ everyone was wearing UGGs — a bullish signal for investing in a new pair.

UGG Classic Weather Hiker boots also run a bit more expensive than the standard classic UGG style. They have a Timberland-like sole, cheery candy-cane laces, and a cute buckle. Overall, they look reasonably put together for jeans and leggings.

Immediately, I imagined wearing them with my Yahaira jumpsuit and a cropped hoodie, every day. This is them — cute, right?

Challenge #1: They’re Really Hard to Find

As soon as I saw them and considered buying them, I noticed that they were sold out almost everywhere. Zappos, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and typically only had the absolute smallest or absolute largest sizes.

By some miracle, a single pair in the size I typically buy (9) popped up on Amazon about 10 days into my boot hunt. There was very little chance I could turn it down, even when they weren’t available for Prime shipping.

Challenge #2: They’re Different and Hard to Find Out About

Although UGG Classic Weather Hiker boots aren’t new-new, the same six or so reviews are aggregated across all retailers. People said they were cute or ran big (or small), and a lot of people felt the bakery twine laces were flashy.

Normal UGGs famously can be worn without socks, but it wasn’t clear initially if the UGG Classic Weather Hiker could be worn sockless. This is super important to me, because I can never find socks and only wear ankle cuts.

Challenge #2: There Are Rarely Several Sizes in Stock

Luckily, the one pair available was in my normal size. But if they didn’t fit, returns would be a hassle and replacing them even harder.

My Experience

About a week after I placed my order, my new boots arrived! I was thrilled and tried them on immediately, only to discover they seemed way, way too tight.

I went on to look up whether you need to break UGG Classic Weather Hiker boots in, before I tried wearing them. General information said UGG boots typically become half a size larger with wear, but I wasn’t sure if that applied here. On top of that, UGG’s charts listed my shoe size as an 8, not a 9.

A week went by and I decided to just try wearing them around the house to see if they were as uncomfortable as I thought. It was scary, because I definitely wanted to exchange them if that was the case.

On an indoor day (most days), I finally put them on for a second time to walk around and see if they’d break in or something. Oddly, within about three minutes, they seemed to perfectly conform to my foot.

Neither nor UGG Classic Weather Hiker reviews addressed breaking in or how they fit. But I was shocked that it took less than an hour to realize they fit really really well.

Ugg Classic Weather Hiker in a Nutshell

UGG seems to be having a moment, which is great for people who like to be comfortable but still kind of fashionable.

They immediately caught my eye for being an UGG with a new look. On first try-on, they seemed far too tight — but that wasn’t how they actually fit when I tried to wear them for more than a minute.

UGG Classic Weather Hiker boots do seem to break in and mold to your size, even if they feel snug. They look pulled together and are great with jeans and leggings. (I’ve even been wearing them indoors for arch support.) I definitely recommend them and if you have any questions and found this, I’ll try to answer!

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