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ZeroG Floating Vacuum 2021 [Honest Review]

Before I found the ZeroG Floating Vacuum, I was certain I wanted the Dyson v15 (or at the very least a discounted v11) as an investment — so I watched the only review videos available for the newest Dyson v15 stick.

Finding and Choosing the ZeroG Floating Vacuum

At this point, I hadn’t heard of the ZeroG, but one of the two available video reviews of the v15 were not as stunning as I expected. And I was minutes from snagging one of the few left on HSN, but the mixed reviews led me to Reddit — and r/VacuumCleaners is not a big fan of Dyson.

That’s where I found out about the ZeroG vacuum. My primary interest was suction power, and I quickly learned a lot about why cordless vacuums fall short here. It didn’t take very long for me to forget the newest Dyson and decide on the ZeroG, which I ordered and received about a month ago. (Within a day, Ed arranged to call me on a Saturday to answer all my questions and explain the device to me, with no sales pressure. And I was excited to talk about vacuums. On a Saturday.)

The first difference with the ZeroG vacuum is that it’s not available everywhere; it’s currently sold out on Amazon and on Wayfair. Buying it direct was a great reminder of how much more confident you feel purchasing an item from the people who manufacture it directly.

Between deciding and buying, ZeroG introduced the Platinum Edition. It’s a bit pricier, has more attachments, and my favorite part is that it has this fantastic mid-century look to it in chrome. This vacuum is like my soulmate vacuum.

What’s in the Box?

In the time between finding the ZeroG and receiving it, I did a lot of side research into how vacuums work and what makes them great. (I currently have a small vacuum graveyard, the newest edition being a four month old Bissell upright that I bought in December 2020.)

The ZeroG comes in three boxes, none of which are flashy, and all of them have fantastic cleaning accessories. In addition to what is literally unrivaled suction (both vacuum review channels I watched picked up over 100% of dirt in tests), it comes with a ton of attachments, and they’re all amazing.

A first impression you get is that all the money spent on this vacuum is on the technology and making the best vacuum available. Which is so cool!

First things first, I vacuum everything. All my dusting is done with a vacuum, I vacuum tabletops and counters with a clean attachment, I vacuum the bathroom (game changer for grime), and I vacuum every other day before mopping. As such, I really needed a versatile workhorse of a vacuum, and this so majorly exceeded my expectations.

zerog floating vacuum accessories 2021

Some tools are motorized (like the amazing stair tool), and some are horsehair dusting brushes. The main ZeroG head is fantastic on hard floors and carpet, but there’s also an entire broom-like tool for floors too. There are crevice tools and upholstery tools, and every possible vacuum need is covered — even if you use vacuums to clean everything.

There’s also a nice mesh bag to store the pieces so they’re not scattered everywhere. It has a sleek profile, and a sturdy build (which is great, because I’m clumsy).

Using the ZeroG Floating Vacuum

I had incredibly high hopes for the ZeroG (making do with an old v6 until it got here), and it did not disappoint. A ten minute blitz of the upstairs hallway and back bedroom yielded an insane amount of dust and pet hair from a carpet that had most recently been vacuumed when my upright died in service.

For the first few days, I had to keep asking my son to bring it back downstairs because he kept swiping it to dust and clean out air conditioners. It’s easy to get up and down the stairs, unlike a bulky upright (and it performs amazingly on carpet, unlike cordless sticks).

Most of my vacuuming is every other day hard floor cleaning, and the ZeroG is super powerful — I really don’t have to vacuum as much as I do, because it’s so strong. My first go-around, I felt like I didn’t even need to mop afterwards (but I did).

My battered carpets look amazing, and their texture was immediately different. It’s hard to explain, but it seems to pull up embedded dirt in fibers on the first pass, restoring the softness they had when they were new.

It’s also just fun to use, floating behind you with no effort to pull it, and I only have to plug it in once on the first and second floor — the extra long cord is easy to maneuver around and also makes it easy to do every room on the floor in one trip with no replugging.

What About Bags? They Sound Like a Hassle

Bags were probably the biggest concern I had going in to this purchase, because I’d never used a bagged vacuum before, and I’d only really used disposable vacuums.

Also, my carpets were filthy — as soon as I really began researching vacuums, I realized all the vacuums I had were not really cleaning the carpets. When I placed my order, Ed threw in some extra bags, which is again a thing that doesn’t happen with big box retailers.

Given the frequency with which I vacuum and the amount of catch-up cleaning to do since my Bissell died, I expected to go through my demo bag in the first 15 minutes. It’s been about a month of near daily vacuuming and I am still using the first installed demo bag.

Cons? Catch?

Honestly and truly, none. Every single time I’ve used this vacuum in all the ways I use it, the ZeroG Floating Vacuum has outperformed my expectations, pulling up dirt and dust I couldn’t see until it was gone.

It gets into corners and truly gets right to the edge. It does baseboards. It has protection shut-offs if you vacuum up a sock or a rag, so it doesn’t become an hour-long beater bar battle.

It never makes you get all sweaty and angry. It’s awesome.


I am so happy I found the ZeroG Floating Vacuum before spending hundreds of dollars more on an inferior device.

Although I’m not a vacuum expert, I researched a lot (and listened to them), and this vacuum deserves way more attention and praise than it gets. It cleans so thoroughly and is so versatile and agile, and it somehow it makes vacuuming less physically taxing.

Every component of this is not just well thought out, but designed for people who vacuum everything. It comes with bags (which apparently last forever), and so many accessories I cannot even begin to list them. (Plus duplicates of some tools so you can use them for the car, etc.)

The company is amazing and will answer all of your questions without pushing you to buy it. Ordering direct is easy, and it got here in under a week. Within 20 minutes, I was vacuuming and didn’t want to put it down.

It also looks very cute in the corner, particularly if you dig mid-century design. And the buying experience is so much better than one-click roulette where you don’t know if you’re buying a $600 piece of brittle plastic.

The ZeroG Floating Vacuum is simply amazing if you’re super into cleaning, want the most vacuum for your vacuum investment, or want a vacuum like they made them before they only lasted two years. The price is incredibly reasonable for how capable it is, and I don’t know of a better vacuum on the market for normal purposes. And I recommend buying directly from ZeroG, on their site or on the phone.

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