shop yahaira jumpsuit review 2021

Shop Yahaira 2021 Review (New Jumpsuit!)

Shop Yahaira’s fajas are well known, but the Shop Yahaira Jumpsuit is brand new in late 202 — and I got one!

Back in 2019 or so, I picked up a Shop Yahaira Happy Butt No. 7 faja. In 2017, I began wearing Columbian fajas after surgery, and the Yahaira faja looked like a good, easy-to-wear faja.

The Happy Butt No. 7 has been reviewed across the web, and it really is in its own class. It’s easier to wear than standard fajas — but the bra hook was hard for me. Yahaira even sent me straps, but I have yet to sew them on — so I rarely wear it. (All of that said, it’s a 10/10 item.)

Updated, 9/20/2021: Today, I tried on my Shop Yahaira jumpsuit — I was really apprehensive it would be difficult. But was on in under three minutes, no snaps, no zips, just a bit of jiggling stuff into place — and the compression is like a hooks and eyes Columbian faja. After I wear it, I might buy another and basically only wear these all winter. 15 out of 10!

With arm straps, I would recommend this for faja beginners, too. It’s absolutely the top of the cincher rankings, for ease of use and quality, and anyone can wear it.

When Shop Yahaira introduced clothing (before the jumpsuit), I picked up a Yahaira Jumper Shaper. In terms of fajas and clothes, it is an amazing garment. It shapes like a faja and looks great.

On the other hand, using the restroom isn’t easy. It has a zipper, and I can’t do it up myself. It is fundamentally great and well constructed, but closer to an 8.5 because of the ladies’ room logistics. If you can go more than four hours without a restroom trip, it’s a 10.

In August 2021, I noticed Shop Yahaira added a plain black jumpsuit! It’s the Jumpsuit Triple Tummy layer, and it only has one short review:

yahaira jumpsuit review 2021

It took about 48 hours for me to break down and order the ShopYahaira Jumpsuit Triple Tummy, and another 48 for it to get here.

Unlike the two-piece, there’s no bra part — but also unlike the two-piece, there’s no zipper! It just pulls on and serves as a complete outfit with a faja.

Since my daily faja habit broke, I’ve been a bit slow to put on shapewear. But I plan to try it on this weekend, and I’ll update this ASAP.

First impressions of the Yahaira Jumpsuit are that it is very firm but stretchy, and not too intimidating. It’s extremely well made, and has a powermesh feel. I definitely get the impression it can be paired with a jacket or hoodie for a dress up or down versatility, and I will be devastated if I don’t love it and can’t wear it all winter and spring.

My Yahaira Jumpsuit planned outfits:

  • Yahaira Jumpsuit + fitted hooded sweatshirt + Gola Coaster (Rainbow);
  • Yahaira Jumpsuit + camel sweater + cognac moto boots, and;
  • Yahaira Jumpsuit + jacket + kitten heels and hoop earrings.

After I try on my Yahaira Jumpsuit, I’ll update to tell you whether it was easy to put on and wear or not – and if it really truly has hourglass shaping. [Update above!]

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