best black hair dye ever

Bigen, The Best Black Hair Dye Ever

Over the past 20 years, I’ve probably searched for the best black hair dye a billion times — and I constantly flit from brand to brand, forgetting that Bigen has a powder formula that outperforms everything.

Backing up a bit and to clarify, I mean “best black hair dye” for coloring hair black. Not for black hair texture, or for coloring hair blue-black, or aubergine black. Jet, inky black, the kind of haircolor that prompts colorists to say “are you sure you don’t want lowlights?”

But you don’t want lowlights, or caramel face-framing layers. You want Bettie Page black, the color you’ve used since 1998 — and 50% of black hair color options have blue or magenta undertones that turn roots just blue.

Jet black hair is a style preference colorists seem to deeply dislike, and it seems a lot of raven-favorers home color because so few salons will do just plain rockabilly black hair.

My “best black hair dye” amnesia issue means I tend to order whichever brand Amazon can get here the fastest. That’s because my roots are usually visible 10 days after coloring, which is the absolute worst.

Every six months or so, I start looking for stopgaps because I hate coloring my hair and I have to do it so much. I got some EverPro powder (which transfers), and then remembered Bigen had a pre-mixed formula, which I bought and haven’t used.

After that, I ordered a three-pack of Bigen black hair color on Amazon, used it, and was instantly amazed I’d forgotten how BLACK it is. Even though I’ve been coloring my hair black for over 25 years at this point, I kept looking in the mirror because it was like black velvet.

It’s been more than two weeks, and somehow, I magically do not have roots. I’m aware of this because I’ve been waiting to touch up before reinstalling my sew-in, and no roots – I’ve had white roots since I was 24, so I’m used to this cycle.

Be aware there are some anti-Bigen reviews, but it has never caused me a problem and seems to be well-tolerated and fine. Also be advised the Bigen black hair dye kit is a bit different — no conditioner packet, and it’s in powder form. (I mix it with an old fork and apply it also with an old fork, don’t judge me.)

Bigen’s #59 (“Oriental Black”) is available in single-packs for just under $8, and and a two-pack is currently $11.41. The price drops quite a bit in a six-pack for $25.24 — the image link below is more expensive than the linked-link:

Partly, I’m deeming Bigen the best black hair dye ever because I seem to forget about it cyclically, rediscover it, pledge fealty, and then a few months later I’m back on some Colorsilk nonsense. So if you catch me forgetting or using something else, remind me Bigen lasts the longest and makes your hair look like a void in space.

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